Man In A Box
By Jacob Tækker

A virtual performance by Danish artist Jacob Tækker.
The app is a balancing act, where Jacob Tækker (the artist) is moving inside a room affected by gravity. If you turn your iPhone, the man drops to the floor – if you shake it, he falls again. But he will always get up, again and again. The balance is like in real life. You can twist and turn your Man In A Box as you please.
The Man itself builds on the visual artist Jacob Tækker, as a digital edition of the artist himself. The room is minimal, with clear reference to an exhibition room – a ‘whitecube’ – pointing to the art space, where the artist and the man is attempting to move and navigate.
The piece unfolds when you with your iPhone in hand meet the virtual artist and examine the premise of the piece via twisting, turning, turning upside down or shake the phone, literally holding the artist in the palm of your hand.

Produced by Haandholdt
Supported by The Danish Arts Council

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